Theory Training - Alertness

When it comes to your theory training – be sure to trust us as your online driving school. Out alertness theory training programme consists of 4 videos that will get you ahead when it comes to your theory training. In this section – you shall look at observations, being seen, being aware of other road users, anticipating what other road users are going to do, keeping your concentration on the road and avoiding distractions.

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Theory Lesson

Alertness Theory Training Tutorial

In this lesson we shall be looking at: distractions, observations, other road users, concentration and what is going on around you at all times.
Q&A Part 1

Alertness Q&A Part 1

In this lesson you will have 20 questions and answers and an in-depth understanding and explanation of the key questions.
Q&A Part 2

Alertness Part 2

In this lesson tutorial you shall have 20 questions and answers to test your knowledge.
Part 3 Q&A

Alertness Part 3 Case Study

Case study to help prepare you for your case study on alertness.

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