Theory Training - Motorway Driving

In this theory tutorial you will learn all about motorway driving. You will learn how to drive safely on the motorway, the speed limits for all vehicles for the motorway and how to avoid congestion. You will also learn about motorway signs and road markings and lanes. And what to do if your car breaks down on the motorway.

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Here at LPOD Academy - we know only too well how important it is to have quality training. We have compiled a comprehensive theory training syllabus that encompasses over 30 hours of video tutorials. Start at the beginning and work your way through the tutorials - as listed in the theory training syllabus. Once, you have gone through the training - use one of our mock exams to test your knowledge! Good Luck!
Learning to drive is no easy task. Here at LPOD academy, we understand how important it is for you to be able to maximize your time on the road. Use our video tutorials and lesson plan downloads to prep your on road lesson. The more you learn prior to your lesson, the more time you shall have for driving.
Our comprehensive pass your test course - relies heavily on knowledge of the practical exam. Here at LPOD Academy, we have embarked on a comprehensive training schedule which will assist in your theory and practice for your driving test. Use these tutorials to assist your on road driving and understand what is required from you to pass your test first time.
Theory Tutorial

Motorway Driving Theory Tutorial

In this lesson you will learn all about motorway road signs, markings, lanes, speed limits and breakdowns.
Part 1 Q&A

Motorway Driving Q&A Part 1

Our part 1 training lesson is a series of 20 questions to test your knowledge on the motorway driving subject. This comes with a comprehensive explanation of each question.
Part 2 Q&A

Motorway Driving Q&A Part 2

This lesson tutorial is another 20 questions which will test your knowledge on this subject.
Case Study Q&A

Motorway Driving Part 3 Q&A

This case study comprises 2 case studies to test your knowledge on the motorway section of the theory test.

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